Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Tutu

Found this cute Tutu tutorial  HERE , She make the cutest stuff ever and have another tutu that I can't wait to make real soon. Gennie really likes her new tutu, she was turning around and around when she wears it. I also love the color and find it surprisingly relaxing to make it. 
When I was done, I wasn't completely satisfied so I add a bow and I love it.
The bottom, so fluffy

Genne modelling her cute tutu, doesn't she looks adorable?!

Valentine's Bows

It is a cold day outside so to get over my boredom, I decided to make make Genne some bow to match her Valentine's tutu ( pictures coming soon). so here are a few I came up with. . . Thinking on making more... I hope you like them. I wanted to make some decorations for the house but I am not really good at that but bows I can make. Hope you like them!
The center of this one is make from the tulle of her tutu.
When I was done with the tutu, I wasn't completely satisfy so I made this bow to go in front. Everything needs   the touch of a bow...Right?!


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lady Bug Bows.

Finally got my red and black dot ribbon for my lady bug. They turned out so cute and precious that I am not sure we should wear him. I love making them and I am finally getting a hand of it and looking forward for some free time to make more or maybe a dragon fly next.
If you want to learn how, you can go HERE, They are pretty easy to make.
My daughter loves it and even try to eat it after she ripped it out of her hair, hahaha ( silly girl)
Obviously MARvelous