About Me

My name is Suze, and I am originally from Haiti. In an interesting turn of events, I found myself living in the Mountain West of the United States. Being in a different environment took a little time for adapting, but I'm loving it here. I have two beautiful children who keep me busy most of the time and married to the most amazing men(November 2006 in the LDS Denver Temple). Actually, let me tell you when I started making bows. It all began when our family had a bit of a shock! Our second child was supposed to be another boy, but lo and behold, the doctor pulled out a girl! From that moment I have enjoyed the process of raising a little princess. In anticipation of when she would have a head of hair... (She is getting there)... I started to make hair bows. They started building up and I found I was developing some pretty creative work (at least my husband says so)! Please, enjoy the products of my free time!

I also do photography and I love catching those wonderful moment on camera . You can check out my work HERE.