Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Late Halloween Outfit

 So last night, I was feeling very courageous and decided to make Princess G a Halloween outfit. I really like  how it turned out...I am sure it is not perfect and I can see stuff I will do differently next time but I am ok with now, seeing how I pretty much made it up as I go along. The shoulder straps are tie in the back because I wasn't sure how long I will need it to fit right. I think I will still do tie in the back traps, look cuter and it is completely adjustable. For the jean, I used an old 18 months pair that are a big too short and cut off a little of the bottom and sew them together. I made it without the bows but this morning when I woke up and tried it on her, I just feel like something was missing, so I added the bows in front and make her matching OTT bows for her hair.

Love the bell bottom, way cute...It's a bit long but she will grow into it, right?!

 Next time, I might need to put the holes higher so that it will stay in place better:)
Let just say I am in LOVE with and plan on making her more, maybe one for Thanksgiving and Christmas .

Will share HERE