Friday, June 24, 2011

American Sweetheart

 Finally done with Princess G.'s 4th of July outfit...I think, she looks really beautiful in it but now I need to make my son a shirt or something. I got the little swimsuit at Walmart for $10 and I made the rest, I am thinking she is going to need a little flip flop to match, so we'll see if I can find one her size to match ( I am going to have to pretty it up of course).
We went out to take some pictures( which I am also addicted too) and took a ton...I had a really hard time picking out which one to put up, sooo I put my favorite...Enjoy all the pics, hahaha!
 She is just too darn adorable to pick just one or two pictures of her...Maybe because she is my baby girl and I think she is the cutest little thing ever?!

I mean....Seriously!

 She was too busy wondering around to stay still for pictures.

We are going to celebrate 4th of July IN STYLE this year, whoohoo!

PS. looking for some guess posts for the next two weeks, so let me know is that something you will be interested in, svintonphotography(at)gmail(dot)...Thank you!


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A Little Help Please...

I need a few guess post in the next few weeks so I can take care of a little something...If anyone is willing to guess post for me please let me know.

Please and thank you...You guys are the best :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mammy and Me Flip Flops

The other day, I decided to make Princess G. and I matching flip flops...I love how they turned out and did not take me a long time to do :)
Sorry, no pictures of us wearing them because I am the one to take our pictures around here!  

 I love the colors and the skull!

What do you think?

Wordless Wednesday

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