Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Sunday Outfit

I believe that I am totally kicking my sewing machine butt by now, ha ha ha!!!...  No bragging or anything...OK...Maybe a little bit.,but I think I am getting much better and with more practice I will be able to make my daughter fancier stuff. I am still unable to follow a pattern so most of what I make are my own made up pattern as I go along. Therefor, this is a total learning process and my hardest time is figure out the right measurement because one forgot to get it before baby girl went to bed.

All her church dresses are 18 months which means that they are way too short now, so I figure instead of buying more ( cost me $24-30 a dress) I will make her one ... Between me and her grandma, she will have ton of church dresses and the good side is NO ONE ELSE has one too and I get to practice my sewing.
So here is what I made her last night, did not take very long. I started at 7 and was done before 11 PM. I decided to make the top a little simple because the skirt has a lot of shiny stuff on it .

Come back later to see what I am making next.

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