Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Valentine's Bows

It is a cold day outside so to get over my boredom, I decided to make make Genne some bow to match her Valentine's tutu ( pictures coming soon). so here are a few I came up with. . . Thinking on making more... I hope you like them. I wanted to make some decorations for the house but I am not really good at that but bows I can make. Hope you like them!
The center of this one is make from the tulle of her tutu.
When I was done with the tutu, I wasn't completely satisfy so I made this bow to go in front. Everything needs   the touch of a bow...Right?!


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Cynthia and Bryan said...

I love the valentines bows !! I need to make one for Pres and one for Maryn !

lovinangels said...

Beautiful! stopped by on the blog hop, am a new follower!

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