Friday, May 20, 2011

School Girl's Skirt and Matching Tote Bag

I made this cute skirt for Princess G last ans let just say, it was a bit of challenge since I was making it up as I go along...I should learn to follow direction... After sawing and cutting and undoing ( a lot) I finally got and I must say, turned out way too. This got to be my Favorite skirt I've made  for Princess G and I am even thinking making me a matching one ( we'll see if i still remember how i did it). After I was done with the skirt, I decided to make a matching tote bag which turned out way cute. It is really soft because I put bathing inside , she already fill it in with her two big eyes stuff puppy that Loves so much.
I am starting to really enjoy this whole sawing , I am having a whole lot of fun and I am surprisingly getting a lot better without  using pattern.  
 I add ribbons to it because I feel like I need a trademark (if that is what they call it) since I like to make bows, I usually put ribbons on everything. See how my straight line sawing is getting a lot better :)

 Here is the tote bag, again I added bows because I decided that will be my thing ( if anyone know what work I am looking for let me know). I LOVE  the fabric and all the color combinations and the flowers...It is even prettier in person :)

 Ignore the little hand trying to take the skirt, she really love it :)

 She thought it was more fun sitting down or running away while I try to take a few pictures of her...She was actually laughing the whole time...Little stinker, so I have a whole lot of blurry pictures :(

Would you like a tutorial for the tote bag? I am not sure I could do one for the skirt, maybe one day, when I get much better and comfortable with my sawing machine!

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Have an awesome weekend everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turn big t-shirts unto really cute kids t-shirt and a onesie

 So, like I told you yesterday, I asked my mom to send the kids some Haitian T-shirt for our flag day and she send four of them and the smallest one was a bit too big for me...Bless her sweet little heart but I can't never tell to buy clothes for the kids...I had to improvise and think of something real quick and when I decided to just cut the flag from the big shirts and sew it on the little ones. I really like how they turned out...I am sure someone who is better a sawing will have done a better job, but I think they turned out really cute still!

    I took the HUG t-shirts and cut out the flag parts.

 I brought those at Hobby Lobby and they were great quality materials.
I placed the flags where I wanted them to be on the shirt and use pins to keep them in place, after that, I saw them which took about 1/2 hour to do.

 And VOILA, cute t-shirt for our Haitian Flag Day celebrations!

Like them?!

Listening to Princess G. making music out of our pots and pans...I am sure going to regret this when I get my headache later on today!
what are some annoying things that your kid do but for some add reasons, you just let them?

Ps. Later on, I will show you how to make bottle soon as those hooligans go down for a nap.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Celebrating Haitian's Flag Day with my Kiddos

Today, we are celebration my country's flag day. I asked my mom to send me some t-shirt for the kids to wear but end up sending extra large shirts that was even too big for me, so I cut it off and saw it on a kid t-shirt and onesie...Love how they turned out ( will show you later what I did, got a house to clean).

Hope you guys are having a great day!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Wildflowers & Whimsy: Ruthie's Romper Giveaway!!

Great giveaway by April...I think Princes G. will look so stylist in this one!

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And the Winner is . . .???

The winner is Megan from Loving the Little Things... Congratulation!!!!

Megan said...


And I heart your etsy shop too!

Please contact me in the next 48 hours to claim your prizes :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011


On Wednesday, I make Princess G. another petti-skirt and matching bows and I like this one a whole lot better ( got the right materials this time around). She loves to twilled around in the fluffy skirt ( lot more fluff this time around, lol). She even let me try a cool hair style in her hair:)

 Instead of black, I put orange for the inside layers...Not because I run out of black or anything :)

 Her cool hair style... I had to give her snack so she could sit still while I do it...She loves to eat and is always in a zone when she does, so she was much too busy eating to pay any attention to what I was going to her hair!

 Her pretty new bows with bottle cap images that say " More Spice than Sugar"!

I am glad I decided to make her a new one...Her birthday is in August and I was thinking of making her another one but can pick a color. What color do you think I should do it?

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PS.Coming up soon are some tutorials of some decorations I made for the kiddos' room...They are sharing a room, so I had to make them matching color and still have a girl side and a boy side that match together( not the easiest thing to do). I have family visiting, so I am going to be MIA for a few days to make time to entertain our guest.

Last day to enter my giveaway if you haven't yet :)