Friday, June 10, 2011

Turning $1 flip flop into FA-BU-LOUS!

Two days ago, my hubby ( he always bring the kids stuff when he goes out) got a couple of flip flops for Princes G. but I wasn't going to let her wear them so plain and simple, right?!...So, I decide to girly them a bit and add SOME PERSONALITY on those bad boys.  I LOVE  how they turned out and Princess G. LOVES THEM EVEN MORE ( she only tried to take the bows off once, but we talk about that  and concluded that the bows are here to stay, hehehe)
 Plain and ugly simple flip flop and an hour later...
 Totally FABULOUS!

 Doesn't she looks adorable with them?!

Like them? I am working on a mammy and me matching flip flops

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ok, I am off to bed, I've got to stop staying up so late...But there are so many thing to make after the kids go to bed, how could I resist?! By the way, I am still working on my hair bows addiction by ...making more , of course!

5 Lovely Note(s):

Unknown said...

You ROCK Mommy! They are absolutely adorable! The look like a boutique item that cost you a fortune! Luv them

Emily said...

She seriously has to be the best acessorized kid ever! Those are adorable flip flops!

Bethany said...

Those are adorable Suze!! So much cuter! By the way, your bag is almost finished - I should be done this weekend :)

Brandi said...

adorable flip flops!

Sassy Sites! said...

I featured you on Sassy Sites for our summertime party!! I love these cute flip flops!! I need some for myself! :) Come by and grab a featured button!