Monday, June 6, 2011

Easy Bottle Cap Necklace Tutorial

It is pretty easy and simple to make bottle cap necklaces  and even kids can do it too with parent's supervision. 

Materials need:

Bottle cap necklace
epoxy drop

Bottle cap Image of choice

1 inch circle punch

Glossy Accents

(brought all my supplies on Etsy)

I printed my image on photo paper and use my 1 inch punch to cut my image, after that I add the 

epoxy drop to the image to give it the laminated glassier look.

 Last, you add the image to your bottle cap and I use the glossy accents on the corner because I don't like to see the paper when you look close and it gives it a nice finishing touch... After, it is all dry, I use nail polish remover to clean it up.

 And VOILA , here is you necklace ( a 5 min project)... Perfect craft for kids to do in the summer and really fun to put together :)

I also do the same thing for my bottle caps bows and you can also put magnet on the back for decorations.

I am really suck at giving direction, so if you don't understand all that rambling, feel free to email me questions or just leave a comment :)

Happy Crafting Everyone

4 Lovely Note(s):

Unknown said...


My friend did something like this with her MOPs group. they used patterned scrapbook paper and old Scrabble Tiles (the rest was the same)

April said...

Do you put the image in the bottle cap then, add the epoxy? How does it stay in the bottle cap?

MJ said...

This is so adorable my daughter would eat this up. I purchased bottle cap magnets for our Autism walk. I love this idea.

Great job

Lucky 7 Design

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

Cute!!!! Where do you get the bottle caps from though?