Tuesday, May 31, 2011

So Tired

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I was going to make a few things with some tutorials but I am too tired and brain dead to put it together. I have two very long days...My wonderful son painted his room with poop on Sunday and our whole house smell real bad for two days, they had to sleep with me in the living room since their room smells. Let just say, after spending 48 straight hours with little sleep and no naps, I had two grumpy and tired toddlers and a VERY TIRED MAMA WHO NEEDED A TIME-OUT. All is good now, their room is smell free ( got the carpet clean) and they both went to bed at 6:46 and tomorrow, we can have a great day and I can work on those tutorials and post them.

Hope you guys had a great day or at least better than mine!

5 Lovely Note(s):

Connie the crafterbug said...

Hahahahaha! That is awesome!

aMy said...

Oh Suze! That sounds like you've had a crazy day. I hope tomorrow is a better one for you :)

Connie the crafterbug said...

I am sending you the versatile blogger award! Visit my blog to see. Don't worry if you do not do the exact rules.

lovinangels said...

I'm sorry, but I laughed right out loud at this. Poop paint ROCKS.

I'm sorry, mama, I wish you lots of sleep soon.

Quirky Homemaker said...

Eeeek!! Glad to hear you got that taken care of! LOL My daughter used to be in a tent in her crib. So, at least she couldn't get out and spread it around. Well, at least while she was sleeping. I guess she could have done it any other time of day. Hope you guys stay poop-free on the walls from now on! Good Luck!