Monday, May 2, 2011

Guess Post By Anna

Today, I have a great tutorial for spring from Anna...She has some awesome cleaning tips and ways to organize your space in her blog. Go check her out after you done here and let her know you stop by :)

I'm so excited to show you all this hostess gift that I made for a friend last week.  We very rarely get invited over to other people's houses for dinner (I'm usually the hostess) so when we do I go all out!

About a month ago I saw this super cute idea over at The Tattered Tag and LOVED it!  I decided that Christina's idea would be the perfect inspiration for this hostess gift. :)

So here's my take on it:

1. White bucket from the Target dollar bins
2. Empty applesauce jar
3. Extra pot from last summer
4. Ribbon from my craft box
5. Seeds I purchased from Target 

First I washed the pot so that it looked like new.  Then I stuffed it with paper towels and tissue paper so that everything would sit higher.

Next I poked holes in the lid of the applesauce jar so that the worms could breathe.  We have amazing soil in our backyard so I was excited to give her some. :)

I filled the jar with soil and then placed some extra fabric I found over it so that it looked cute.

Then I went out and picked a bunch of herbs from my garden and filled up the white bucket.  I LOVE fresh herbs so I'm always excited to share them with others!  Here I have rosemary, thyme and sage.

 I also have some new sprigs of mint coming in so I plucked one out so that she could replant it and have her own mint plant for summer mojitos!

Then I cut out a little sign and personalized it.

I love it.  I kind of wanted to give it to myself but I knew the recipient would love it too. :)  I had so much fun making it.  I bought double of everything so I can't wait to make another one!!!

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Thanks Anna for a great tutorial :)

2 Lovely Note(s):

lovinangels said...

That is the best hostess gift ever! :) I don't have herbs yet, and I'm sad.

Irish Italian Blessings said...

I LOVE THOSE! They would actually be a cute little baby shower favor gift too. Great idea, thank you!