Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Blog Swap with Polkadots on Parade

Today is a pleasure to Swag blog to a blogging friend of mine. She has some pretty cool thing going on in her blog and she also have a linking party where you can show off your stuff...So, I will stop rambling and let you meet her, don't forget to visit her and let her know you stop by.

Hey Everyone!!

I'm Jaime from Polkadots on Parade and I'm so excited

to be trading guest posts today with Suze!!

She's such a sweetie and a good bloggy friend!

Today I'm going to show you how to make a beaded bracelet!

You will need:

Assorted beads

Crimp Beads

Beading Wire

Jewelry Clasp

Crimping Tool

Wire Cutters

Decide on a pattern for your bracelet and line up your beads.

I always change mine around a million times, getting it just right!

Measure the wrist and add 2 inches on each end. My daughter's wrist is 5 inches around, so I cut 9 inches of beading wire.

Slide your crimp bead on the wire, followed by one end of your clasp. These toggle clasps are cute, but I've also really like the lobster clasps as well.

Take the end of your wire and fold and tuck it into the crimp bead.

Place the crimp bead into the lower notch of your crimping tool and squeeze. Then turn the bead 90 degrees and place it in the upper notch of your crimping tool and squeeze again. This makes it double folded. Tug on your crimp bead. If it doesn't move, you're done! If not, crimp it again until it doesn't move. If the crimp bead breaks, no worries! Just start over. :)

Slide your beads onto the wire in the order you laid them out, making sure that the short wire is covered by the beads.

Once the beads are all on,  double check that the bracelet is the right size on the wrist.

Slide another crimp bead on the end, followed by the clasp.

Fold the wire and tuck it into the crimp bead and then through the first few beads of the bracelet. Pull the end of the wire taut so there are no gaps between the beads.

Use your crimping tool as before, once in the lower notch, and then in the upper notch. Tug to ensure it doesn't move.

Use your wire cutters and cut off the excess wire.

So sweet!!

My daughter couldn't wait to wear it!!

Enjoy making bracelets for all the little girls in your life!

And the big girls too!!

Just think of all the colors and possibilities!

Thanks Suze for having me today, and I hope you will all come visit me over at Polkadots on Parade!

Thank you Jaime for a wonderful tutorial...Little miss Princess G will love one of those, so I am going to get to work and make her one of those :)

PS: Working on some cool bows with matching necklaces, can't wait to show them off :)

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Pemberley Court said...

Oh I love how this turned out! So cute Jaime!