Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A little something about me.

{one} have you ever fainted?
Not that I remember but I did went unto shock when I was having my boy and don't remember anything that happen that day.

{two} what is your favorite casino game?
I don't play card game unless it is solitaire from my computer

{three} do you have a good sense of direction?
Nope, none whatsoever, I can't even follow a simple direction without pictures.

{four} laptop or desktop?
Laptop, I can take it with me everywhere I go.

{five} what is your go-to hair style when having a bad hair day?
I like braids so most of the time my hair is braided.

{six} do you read the newspaper on a daily basis?
Nope, I try to avoid news as much as possible, I figure if I ever need to evacuate I will sure hear from someone or oh! well... I like to live in the moment and newspaper doesn't help with that.

{seven} do you have a favorite celebrity chef?
I am much too picky to have a Favorite chefs of any kind  and really don't care that much for food.

{eight} what tv show would you like to make a guest appearance on?
Don't care enough to think about it and plus I mostly watch cartoons ( in my quest to never fully be a  grow up) but, I would love to make a guess appearance on "Phineas and Ferb" if that counts.

{nine} do you have satellite radio in your car?
Nope. I don't like to drive. . . Maybe one day, I will be able to afford my own driver until then, my hubby will have to do :) 

{ten} what was the last movie that made you cry?
Sorry, never happen and never will, hehehe! Don't watch anything that will make me sad, I enjoy a good no-reason laughter.

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Megan said...

This was a fun post! I'm like you...I don't read the newspaper, and I don't watch much TV. I DO like food A LOT, but I don't have a favorite chef.

Summer said...

Great blog!
I'm following you from The Middle Matters blog hop.
Come check me out when you get the chance.
Carolina Summer

Dawn said...

New follower from the Bass Giraffe Hop. Please follow back when you get the chance! =)


Anonymous said...

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