Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentines Frame

I know I am super late on this valentine decorations but I just wanted to try this and and now I am probably hook. This picture frame was really easy to make and took me about 20 minutes. I got this frame from Akia and the paper ( don't remember) found it in my scrap-booking piles of papers. 

The first thing I did was taking the glass off the frame, Then I cut the paper to fit inside the frame.
For the flowers, I use some ribbons (1") I already had. I did a long stitch along the border and pull on it until it gives me the wonderful circle.

 The top flowers was made the same way but with 7/8  and three time as long to made this wonderful carnation flower.                            

Then I use my hot glue and glue them together, and VOILA.
Sorry not that good with this whole tutorial thing, this is my first one. If you have any tips feel free to leave a comment :) 

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Mary Ludwig said...

Too cute!! You seriously amaze me. I was going to ask you to make a valentines day bow for Lily and never got around to it. But then the most tragic thing happened this morning. Lily decided she needed to nap through all of church. I didn't even get to show off her new valentines day dress. turned out ok we didn't get a bow. :( Next time.

April said...

this is so cute! I will post some pics for the pixie cut tomorrow. And don't worry I am tutu crazy lol! I even have one! lol

April said...

Hey Suze! Just wanted to let you know that the tute for the pixie cut is up...let me know if you have any questions. Can't wait to see yours! Also, I wanted to let you know that I just realize people can post fan photos on my fb page and it will be easier for me right now to not worry about my can leave the pics you posted up because I may advertise it again down the road, but for now I am going to tell people to post photos to my fb page...just less to keep up with. so if you want to post the pics you posted to my flickr on my fb page, I would love for you to post them there too! and any future pics you want to share can you post them there please cause I hardly get to look at my flickr and I really love seeing your photos. Thanks ~April

DIYbyDesign said...

So cute. I especially love the flower you made out of ribbon. Thanks so much for linking up and joining the party.