Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Fling ~ 14 Days of Fabulous Giveaways

Spring Fling ~ 14 Days of Fabulous Giveaways

My friend April from Wildflowers & Whimzy  is doing a 14 days giveaway and I am excited to say that I will be participating ( can't say what yet but it will be some cute and girly). There will be about 14 blogs participating and 2 giveaways/a day. Head over there and visit her for more info. 

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Stephanie McDonnell said...

Stopping by to support all the sponsors of the Spring Fling. I'm so excited about this, and thrilled to have Luxe Boulevard participating. It's going to be epic, EPIC I tell you!
I'm allowed to be overzealous, right?

I'm following your blog now!


Unknown said...

Stopping by all the sponsors of the Spring Fling.

I'm following your blog now!

I hope you'll come visit While He Was Napping!

CandaceAshley said...

Hey there! I am a new follower, and I am participating in the giveaway coming up soon! I wanted to send my support!!! YAY! SO excited, cute blog you have here ; ) I can't wait to see what you make to giveaway!

Unknown said...

Popping in to say "hi" and follow you - I'm another participant in Spring Fling!

Unknown said...

I'm doing the Spring Fling giveaway too! Just wanted to stop by, say hi, follow your blog, stalk you a little... :-)

Bethany said...

Hi there! I'm just taking a few minutes to hop around to the other blogs taking part in Spring Fling to say hello to my co-flingers!!

Anna said...

Just stopping by to visit all of the Spring Fling blogs. :) I am your newest follower! Can't wait to see what you will be giving away.


Anonymous said...

Saying hi and following you now to support all the Spring Fling bloggers!