Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bottle Caps Bows . . . And a New Headband Design.

So my wonderful daughter hide the TV remote somewhere and now I can find ( she is really good at hiding thing around the house). Had a whole of free time after they went to bed( No "The Nanny for me tonight), so I decided to put all that time to use and made these. I even made a new headband ( brought the book from I really like how it turned out. 

In honor of Valentines! 

I love anything Disney, so I make those bows with Disney's bottle caps design and baby Genne really like them too. What do you thing?
Doesn't this mickey looks adorable :) 

Isn't she the cutest little model ever ?! Don't mind the dirty face, no matter how many time I clean it up, it always gets dirty.
I am so in love with those bottle caps.
 Thanks to my sweetheart who doesn't mind mind my "bow sickness", Genne now has way too many bows and both of her bow holders are completely full. . . Time for a new one( bow holder) I guess :)



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Allyson Pecilunas said...

These bows are absolutely ADORABLE!! I found your blog from Debbie's party and am now following along. Come check me out if you get a chance I am newbie too.


Terriea Kwong said...

Cute bows and sweet baby.

DIYbyDesign said...

Those are really cute bows. I found you through Debbie's party. I am your latest follower. I would love for you to come and check out my blog and follow me back at Looking forward to keeping up with your blog.

Rachel said...

So very cute. Nice job :)

Mamarazzi said...

these bows are darling and so is your little girl. so cute!

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Chandra Chinnis said...

Your bows and your daughter are beautiful. Maybe you should start an Etsy store or sell them on ebay. That way Gennie won't have as many bows and you can make money doing something you love. I would definitely buy them for my daughter. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

DIYbyDesign said...

I'm so glad you stopped by and joined in the party. I love these bows and I'm glad you shared this with everyone. Thanks again. Hope to see you next week for another party.

Melanie said...

Hello! I have enjoyed reading your blog and
have chosen you to receive The versatile Blogger award. The instructions are on my blog. Please let me know if you accept! Thanks!


Cynthia and Bryan said...

I love them ! Maybe I will buy a pair of mickey mouse ones from you ! we want to take the kids to disney this summer.